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1-2 Color Business Cards - Example

Horizontal Cards

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Business Cards
Impress clients and associates with custom business card designs.

• Optional printing on back of business cards

• Space for multiple addresses and numbers

• Horizontal and vertical business card layouts available

• The more you order, the more you save

1-2 Color Business Cards

Full Color Business Cards

1-2 Color Business Cards - The Corporate Standard

700Baht Cheap Price
for 1000 pcs 1 color business cards
Even on a lean budget, you'll get business cards that say "quality!" Raised or flat ink. Choose from vertical or horizontal business cards. High-quality premium business card paper stock

1-2 color business cards are considered by many to be the "corporate" standard for business cards. They are an excellent choice when you want to make a strong professional first impression with corporate clients.

1-2 color business cards are printed with solid inks on high-end, offset lithography presses, the printing standard for over 100 years. Offset presses require more setup work, but apply solid ink smoothly to form the image.

Offset color looks crisp and clear at any level of magnification.

1-2 color business card printing is the corporate standard - and when matched with letterhead and envelopes, it is ideal for making a professional impression.

Quotation Price

  • Black ink only included in base cost
  • Additional ink colors optional
  • Choice of flat or raised ink
  • Premium and 110# Classic Paper optional

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